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At AFG we offer a range of different services to meet your needs. Whether that be at one of our six Treatment and Recovery Centres (TRCs), at one of our Enhanced Supported Living sites or by using our community-based Outreach programme.

Treatment & Recovery Centres
Treatment &
Recovery Centres
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Our Outreach
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Our services are all underpinned by Our Therapy Offer
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Treatment & Recovery Centres (TRCs)

Our Treatment and Recovery Centres (TRCs) provide active rehabilitation within a therapeutic hospital environment, actively supporting a person’s need to take back control of their life.

Through our motivated and skilled teams of professionals, teamed with calming physical environments and leading technology services, our TRCs support people to deliver active rehabilitation and re-ablement.

Our TRCs can also support any relapse in a person’s condition, offering a temporary return to one of our TRCs rather than being readmitted back into acute services. This approach allows our team of experienced care professionals to work with you to help prevent further deterioration.

Throughout a person’s stay at our TRCs we will develop their personal relapse prevention plan, which includes coping strategies and a staged approach to the management of any breakthrough symptoms. We make your care and support our priority, which is why we will liaise with mental health services, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities to devise the best possible solution for your needs.


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Enhanced Supported Living

Our Enhanced Supported Living (ESL) approach helps to provide consistency in people’s lives. Through our dedicated community teams, we can access a wide range of clinicians and services to support your needs.

By learning to live independently again, our package of support is tailored to meet your needs, therefore helping to reduce the potential for relapse or readmission back to acute services.

Working closely with other teams of professionals in the community we can signpost people to access additional services they may need in their local community to aid their recovery and support independent living again.


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Our Outreach Service

Our Outreach Service is all about being able to offer just enough support to help with recovery and to not overwhelm you with additional services that aren’t required.

Through our digitally enabled services, we can tailor a natural level of support, ensuring it isn’t too restrictive but is personalised and comfortable for your needs at that time.

We will identify when you may need additional support and our community Outreach Team will access other complementary services, such as therapeutic interventions and clinical advice in your locality to aid your wellbeing. We are continuously working with local commissioners and multi-disciplinary schemes as well as our provider partners to ensure your interests are at the forefront of everything we do.


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Our services are all underpinned by Our Therapy Offer

We offer a range of different therapies depending on an individual’s personal requirements. We acknowledge that psychological therapy should be part of any treatment offered as part of someone’s pathway to recovery.

At AFG we specialise in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for psychosis (CBT(P)) and research has shown that this form of therapy continues to have the best evidence base as an adjustive treatment. We also offer other therapy treatments which are dependent on an individual’s needs, they include Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Trauma Focussed (CBT(TF)), Counselling.


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