Actively supporting people’s mental and physical wellbeing

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At AFG we’ve been actively supporting people’s mental and physical wellbeing since 1992.

We empower people to achieve their ambitions and goals through our unique approach to support and guidance.

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Our three service models

At AFG we offer a range of different services to meet your needs. Whether that be at one of our six Treatment and Recovery Centres (TRCs), at one of our Enhanced Supported Living services or by using our community-based Outreach programme.

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Treatment & Recovery Centres (TRCs)

We have 6 Treatment and Recovery Centres, all registered as independent hospitals and situated within the North West.

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Enhanced Supported Living

We work towards maintaining the recovery model ensuring people have consistency in their lives.

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Our Outreach

Our outreach model is always based on just enough support; we go out of our way not to provide support that is not required.

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Our services are all underpinned by
Our Therapy Offer

We offer a range of different therapies depending on an individual’s personal requirements. We acknowledge that psychological therapy should be part of any treatment offered as part of someone’s pathway to recovery.

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I feel nice and happy now, I feel better in myself

Gary’s* Story

Gary* has been supported by AFG for a couple of years now following his hospitalisation and subsequent detention under the Mental Health Act. Gary was diagnosed with Psychogenic Polydipsia – the need to take in excessive amounts of fluid and in Gary’s case this was water.

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*name changed to protect identity

Brenda’s* Story

Having spent much of her adult life in and out of numerous institutions and hospitals, Brenda* suffers from severe mental illness including paranoid schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders – leading her to distrust support services and treatments on offer.

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*name changed to protect identity

Bethany’s* Story

Having spent several years struggling to overcome the symptoms of anxiety, bulimia and dissociative identity disorder, Bethany* found it hard to build trust with those around her, making it hard to engage with family and friends as well as support staff in place to help her. She was solely reliant on her mother being by her side to take her to and from appointments, struggling to leave her home without her by her side.

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*name changed to protect identity

Leading digital technologies

We are pioneering the use of digital technologies to improve outcomes for people with a mental health condition. For example, our patients and staff have worked together to develop a new app to help patients manage their own conditions.

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Clean and calming physical environments

We provide clean, safe and comfortable environments as a key component of our psychological model. This includes relaxing and well maintained green spaces at many of our sites.

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I took part in the digital pilot which my support worker and team leader helped me to set up. I found it easy and quick to use. I felt it helped me understand how I was feeling on a day-by-day basis and how best to manage this

Danny, AFG digital end-user

I feel nice and happy now, I feel better in myself, I don't drink water, as I know I will end up back in hospital and I don't want that, I look forward to going back out with staff, and I'd like to play Snooker and pool in the future.

Gary, supported by AFG

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